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You are welcome to visit Victoria Kovalenchikova Gallery by following address:

Victoria Kovalenchikova Gallery
Ceintuurbaan 264
1072 GJ Amsterdam

Gallery hours: Saturday 13.00 - 18.00
All other days by appointment

Feel free to contact me

tel: +31(0)625552538

28 мар. 2012 г.

Dive into the Deep End of Pool Art Fair


On the fourth floor, we had girl power. Suite 406 was Victoria Kovalenchikova with her textured masterpieces that is massive in size. The large scale is a perfect foil for the intimate setting of the room. I've seen Victoria's work at the Museum of Russian Art (MORA) in Jersey City last year. She is based in Amsterdam and this was a pleasant surprise to see her very impressive work once more. Over on Suite 401 was the "Canary in a Coal Mine " show by Heather "Van Uxem" Lewis. She featured dark painted panel paintings and photography of herself. For the night she dressed up with a miner's head light per the theme. Caged canaries were taken down into mines as warning devices when air supply got low - if the bird dies then the miner's run for daylight. Van Uxem conveyed the wrenching throes and ecstasy of death in the seductive coal blackness.

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